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Nanny Housekeeper

Many of us find that life these days is a busy affair, there is always something to do and there is never enough time in the day to get it all done. If this sounds like you and your Los Angeles based family, maybe it’s time to hire a nanny who will perform housekeeping chores for you while he or she is taking care of the children.

Kids are messy, we all know this, but now instead of taking the kids to an outside daycare each day, they can stay in the comfort of their own home with a nanny who will also keep the messes to a minimum so you aren’t coming home each night to a dirty house. This allows you more time to devote to the things that really matter when you come home: your kids and frees you up from vacuuming, dusting, cleaning the bathroom and cleaning up the kitchen. We know you are busy and we know how difficult it is juggling a job and everything that goes with it with mother and fatherhood.

This is why, at SVP we can help place the right nanny who will perform household duties and general light housekeeping with your family so not only will you have someone devoted to the kids each day, but you’ll get the housekeeping done as well.

In addition to caring for your children by providing a structured schedule of:

  • Playtime—as each nanny has extensive early childhood education
  • Educational activities-the nanny is there to help your child grow and prosper
  • Nutritious meals—are all part of the itinerary with a nanny
  • Help them learn and grow

A housekeeper nanny can also help with:

  • Laundry duties—if the child gets it dirty, they can get it clean
  • Light housekeeping including vacuuming, dusting and washing floors—so you don’t have to
  • Tidying the kitchen—after preparing the meals
  • Cooking meals—a nanny is tasked with feeding the children in his or her care, not the entire family, unless this is previously arranged and the nanny is compensated fairly.

At SilVousPlait agency, we can help to negotiate the household tasks needed to make your life a little easier, as well as caring for your children. We have been connecting great nannies with great families for years and know all about our client’s needs and wants when it comes to home and child care. If you are a family who needs help, and you live in the Los Angeles area, isn’t it time you considered getting yourself a housekeeper/nanny?

To get started right now to find the perfect nanny for your home, call us or complete our form.