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Nanny and Childcare

Life is busy–we all know this to be true– and trying to juggle work and kids can be a challenge. Even if you have prepared yourself for your new arrival, there are still things that you may need help with, things that you likely haven’t even dreamed of yet. And no matter how hard you try, toddlers and preschoolers will always be busy individuals who are constantly seeking attention. With dual earning couples being the norm today and not the exception like they were in generations past, coupled with kids having a seemingly never ending variety of weekly activities to attend, many wonder how on earth they can get it all done.  Add never-ending housework, laundry and meal preparation to the mix and stress levels can reach a breaking point.

For many families in the Los Angeles area, having a nanny is the answer.  Nannies fit in with your family’s needs and schedule ensuring your children are cared for within your home which is a preferred alternative to taking them to a daycare center each day. This also gives your children peace of mind and the security of remaining in their home. Nannies are there to work around inconvenient work and school schedules allowing you to go about your business while leaving your children with an experienced and loving adult and the sense of stability that comes with your children knowing who will be there each day.

An experienced nanny will:

  • Play with your child: Nannies are well trained individuals who know that much can be learned from play. They will lead your child in age appropriate play and join in when needed.
  • Help educate your child: Nannies are trained in early childhood education and can help your little one with all the pre-school activities that he or she needs to master before starting school. They are also able to help older children with activities and homework.
  • Provide structure for the day: Kids love routine and a nanny will set out activities and events for each day. The best part? The same nanny will come day in and day out which means your child will look forward to their arrival and develop a friendship with him or her.
  • Prepare nutritious meals: Don’t have time for a home cooked meal? This is what a nanny will do for your children. Nutritious meals help develop strong minds and bodies and are imperative for growth. Now you don’t have to worry that you’re stuck in a meeting through dinner time, your child’s nanny has that covered.
  • Help children learn and grow: Some nannies come from different backgrounds than you and your children do, so they bring their culture into your home. Your child can learn all about another country, their customs and traditions all from the comfort of their own home.

SVP is a leading Nanny Agency in Los Angeles that specializes in finding the best nanny to fit into your household. We take great pride in finding you the right help where you need it most. We also know that experience is the key so all candidates have local references to go along with their training in early childhood education. We are also proud to offer upon request CPR and background checks on all candidates before hiring them so you can rest assured the best person for the job will show up at your door. If you are in the LA area, what are you waiting for?

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